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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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When the heart is heavy…

Some days, for no particular reason, my heart feels heavy. I get up and move through my days doing all the things that I need to do but inside the tears are near. It isn’t that I am depressed, or having some emotional breakdown, or even overwhelmed with life. It is just that I sometimes take on the cares of the world, or memories of someone or something fill my thoughts and bring the emotions close to the surface.

God made women to be empathetic, emotional creatures. There are reasons for that. We are nurturers, empathetic listeners, soothers, problem solvers, life-long learners, creative and caring. We often take on the role of supporter, encourager, and coach. Our lives are full of people who need a helping hand, a listening ear, a gentle shove in the right direction. All of these things take energy, compassion, love, and sometimes, they take everything we have to give.

When was the last time you took the time to sit in Gods’ presence and recharge your spirit? An hour or two with no interruptions to read His word and soak in His love? For me, it has been too long. My bible study lately has consisted of reading the morning verse on my app and maybe pulling up the verse and reading the chapter. I am not a bible scholar like my husband. I do not learn the heart of God by reading the original Greek and studying it out. I am not the type to listen to hours of bible teaching on the radio, though the occasional episode is good.

I learn the heart of God by being aware that He is in everything. I look for ways He blesses us, ways that He sends a gentle reminder that we are loved. I enjoy worship music and singing to Him. I enjoy spending time with other believers. I try to maintain a prayerful attitude, even in the busyness of life. I read His word and am thankful I learned so many verses as a child that come back to me so often when I am searching for an answer. Surely great is the reward of Helen Cargil, and Randy and Carol Harrison, and Ross Briles, and all the other wonderful workers and teachers that taught and impacted my life. You made a difference!

God is near the brokenhearted. His word makes that clear and I am forever thankful. Friends, He is near in all the circumstances of this world. You do not need to be alone, for He is with you. All one needs to do is accept Him and call upon His name. He is there!

Encourage one another brethren and build one another up! 1Thess 5:11

So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Romans 14:19

Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts. Col 3:16

These are just a few verses that remind me I am to be not only looking for His goodness to me, but sharing and encouraging others. I do not know what He has planned for the future but I know He is good and He loves me. When I feel heavy hearted I need to remember to stop and focus on Him. Friends, He is able to do abundantly, exceedingly more than we can fathom.

Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength! Neh 8:10b

After the Rain…

I lost a friend today. I hadn’t seen her in quite a few years, but the memories of her make me smile. She had a beautiful smile, a gentle way about her that oozed Jesus, and a sense of fun that was always ready for a new adventure. She was young, so young. Forty-seven years on this old planet and God called her home.

This afternoon, just before I found out about her death, I was picking up a few groceries. Just as I started to the van with my cart the heavens opened up and I got rained on. That perfect summer rain, warm, gentle, but enough that I was well drenched by the time I had things loaded. I wasn’t mad. It made me think of an essay I had seen on Facebook a few days ago. The story goes there was a bunch of people huddled in the doorway of a store waiting to go out to their cars with their purchases when a little voiced piped up and asked her Mommy why they didn’t just go to the car. The Mother replied that if they did they would get drenched. The little girl was quiet for a minute and said something like…”God won’t let us get wet unless He wants us to. Like when you were talking about Daddy and his cancer this morning and you said nothing happens that God doesn’t allow. So if we get wet, maybe it’s because we need washing.” I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the gist. The Mother paused, knowing she needed to be wise in her answer and then she said…”Let’s do it!” And they ran out into the pouring rain, getting drenched in the process. One by one the shoppers ran through the rain, laughing and getting gloriously wet in the process.

Tonight as I sat in my car at the Laundromat waiting for the clothes to finish in the dryer I watched it rain. The droplets rained down my windows, creating patterns while the watery sun played peek-a-boo through the clouds. As the rain slowed to a fine mist I got out of my car and turned my face toward the sky. Lacy white clouds pushed past the darker blue-gray clouds and the sun sank lower revealing the most beautiful sunset. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, feeling the warm mist on my face. This is what heaven must feel like when we get there. The rain is gone, no more tears, no more pain just the warmth of our Savior, the gentle cleansing mist of his sacrifice for us, beauty we can’t imagine.

Friends, in this life we will have trouble, pain, and death. God has said it is so and yet…after the rain, after the pain and the death…we can be washed free of sin and death and troubles.

My clothes soon finished and I went to retrieve them when a woman I did not know came in with several baskets. She seemed so burdened, not just with the dirty laundry, but life weary. I took my clothes out and then I knew in my spirit she needed prayer and went back inside to introduce myself and pray just a short prayer with her. I don’t know what she is facing but God does and I know he loves her and cares for her far more than I or any other human ever could. This old world needs Jesus and kindness and understanding and compassion and love. Who knows what kind of rain the person next to you in traffic is experiencing? Who knows what an old friend you haven’t talked to in years is facing? We are called to love people. So, honor my friend K and GO LOVE PEOPLE! You never know when it will rain again.

When the words don’t come.

Some days the littlest thing will spark creativity and I will have stories, thoughts, words, and even song lyrics running through my head. If I’m lucky I will have the time and opportunity to sit and jot down these ideas, even if not the whole thought. Sometimes it happens at inopportune times, like when I am driving or in the middle of a conversation, or while I am elbow deep in dishes. When that happens I try to take mental notes to jog my memory at a later time. Sometimes that works and sometimes those God-given sparks go unused and unwritten.

The last few weeks I have struggled to find the words. I have reread the last few chapters of the exceptional story I am writing and been indecisive about what comes next. I have sat down to write new blog entries and felt like I was simply repeating the same things over and over. I have worried and fretted and caught myself snapping at my family, unable to even put into words the heaviness of my heart. Have you had these seasons?

The children and my teacher husband go back to school in a few weeks. I have been so blessed to have the summer with them but can I just be honest and say….I am ready for a few hours each day of alone time. Time to sit in silence if I choose. Time to write when the spirit leads me.

The family have not intentionally impeded my ability to sit and write. Well, maybe a little. But honestly, I have not given my writing the purposeful intention God expects. I’ve said before that I am a procrastinator and I will say it again! It isn’t that I am sitting doing nothing. I have done a great many things this summer. Things that needed to be done. But I have not done the thing that God told me to do. I have actually not written much at all. Shame on me.

Can it be that…I am scared? Scared of what the world might say of what I write? Scared of not being able to provide for the family? Scared that without a college degree no one will take me seriously? Scared that no one else will believe that God is directing my path?

Last week I stopped at a yard sale with my eight year old son. He had been saving his money this summer and wanted to go buy a little something. There were many, many little toys, Christmas decorations, and tons of cookbooks but nothing that really interested me until I spied an old, hardback book. I picked it up, taking note of three or four satin ribbons that had been used as bookmarks and turned to the first bookmarked page. I had never heard of the author, Edgar A Guest, but within moments I was utterly entranced. The poem I first read was called “The Richer Life” and it spoke of someone who has died but gone on to the richer life with Christ in heaven. It is truly beautiful. You bet I snapped up that little book written in 1949! I have not made it through the whole book but in the evenings I have sat and read several poems before going to bed and this morning it struck me that maybe someday, maybe after I am long gone, someone will read something I have written and be better for it. Perhaps God will give me a story that will touch the lives of others and point them in His direction?

So here is the poem I wrote one cold night. It was midnight and I was the only one awake, folding clothes I had stayed awake to wash and dry so the kids would have clean clothes the next morning. I was already dreading going to work the next morning, dreading the chaos, dreading the dysfunction, bone weary in both body and soul.


My days, my nights, each breath take.

Cracked n pieces, thrown aside.

Tiny, ineffectual pieces.

Minutes here and minutes there.

Never hours anywhere.

Cobwebs hang from dirty fans.

Sadness shines from little eyes.

No time to snuggle, no time to read.

Anger in the memo scalds as I

fracture into tiny pieces.

Not myself whom God formed.

My heart is broken, my life is torn.

My love is angry, so little time.

My joy struggles to stay alive.

With what decision did I start to fracture?

How can I gather the pieces?

Who will be there if I can?

Have I lost too many shards..of myself..of my purpose..of my life?

It’s midnight as I fold the laundry.

The house is quiet as others sleep.

Each day less of me remains. Each hour I fracture ever more.

Tiny, ineffectual pieces.

April 23, 2019.

This was the cry of my heart that night. A prayer for God to rescue me from the situation I was in. A lament like that of David crying out to God to not forsake him. Have you felt like this? Have you been so utterly exhausted both physically and mentally, emotionally drained and desperate? I want you to know that God sees you. He hears your cries, even the unspoken ones. He has a plan and He will move you if you let Him! Lift your eyes unto the hills from whence your help comes!

If you made it this far in the ramblings, thank you for sticking with me. If you feel fractured, unsure of how much longer you can hang on, please lift your eyes to Him, but also reach out to someone who will listen. That night I sent this poem to my friend and mentor Mary Kenyon and she lifted me up in prayer, encouraged me to be still and know and move when God said move. She will likely never know how much her words helped me, but they did! And just a month later, God rescued me from the miry pit I felt I was in. Thank you Jesus!

So…back to the book. Back to letting God lead me. Back to basics and faith that God has a plan. He has one for you, too!

Where does the time go?

I sat down to write this morning and realized it had been well over a week since I wrote the last post! Whew…time does fly when you are having fun.

When I last wrote I was getting ready to embark on a big project of de-cluttering and redoing my living room. We have made huge progress! My son had a whole week to help while his girlfriend was gone to a Broadway Summer Intensive camp and he only had to work a few of the evenings. It was a huge help having him here.

We first removed everything small enough to get in the downstairs bedroom leaving only the couches and piano in the room. Then, we took everything off the walls and washed them all. Then we began painting the fireplace brick and adjoining wall white and let me tell you…that was a JOB! The brick is not original to this 1870 house but is actually just 1970s brick facing the previous owners put up above the marble fireplace that is original to the house.

Once we got that wall done we moved on to the rest of the living room walls, painting them a beautiful, serene gray/green color. The ceiling tiles got a fresh coat of white paint covering the old water damage and just general grunge. It looks so much better! New curtains, new Hobby Lobby clearance finds for the walls, and a few amazing Goodwill finds made a huge difference.

Those days working on the room were good for my heart. Spending time with my college-bound son was also good for my heart. I spent time reflecting on this summer and the time I have been blessed with. What a joy to be given time!

Isn’t painting and cleaning and re-decorating akin to the work that God does in our life? We come to Him dirty, worn, broken, full of things we no longer need and He creates a clean heart, redecorates our life with new direction, new joy, new friends, new vision! All we need do is submit to His plan, open ourselves to that plan and direction and step out in faith. Sounds simple, but is it?

I have faith that God knows what direction I need to go and yet I am struggling to remain patient. I struggle with busyness. I have a hard time just “sitting”. I am also a procrastinator extraordinaire! Redoing the living room was something that needed to happen, it is good to be busy, but if it kept me away from writing, from doing what God has told me to do? So much more work God needs to do in my life.

When God is leading you in a scary direction, one that does not make sense in a practical way, do you listen? What if you believe you are hearing from the Lord, but your spouse doesn’t agree? How can you step out in faith while avoiding stepping on toes? Especially when the direction is not something the “world” around you is supportive with? Do you stand firm on the promises of God, accept His direction and walk in that direction? How much faith do we have in His ability to provide for our needs?

As I finish up the last few living room projects (hanging the TV on the wall and polishing the floor) and look to the next project I will continue to pray and wait. I will write each night, no matter how tired the revamping makes me. I will take the time to look for opportunities to submit my writing.

What vision has God given you? Have you pushed it aside out of fear or uncertainty? What step can you take today toward that vision? Maybe it means just sitting down and writing out the vision, or maybe it means sharing that vision with someone who will listen. Maybe it is just acknowledging to yourself what the vision is that you’ve been given. Whatever you decide, today is the day. DO SOMETHING…even something small to take that first step. True peace comes with following the path God puts before you.

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Sundays are my favorite days in many ways. Sundays usually mean we attend church at the same church we were married in twenty-seven years ago. Sometimes in the afternoon we visit my Father-in-law, sometimes we go see a movie, sometimes we do nothing at all. Sundays are the best.

Today our eleven year old son was meeting his troop for Boy Scout camp before we would be home from church, so I stayed home to take him to the drop-off point, while my husband took our youngest son to church. After church they attended a good old-fashioned water baptism at the river. I just love standing on the bank of the river, singing and praising God as another believer proclaims their faith before his or her friends and family, so I was sad that I missed it. I was however looking forward to an hour or two by myself!

I love my family. I love spending time talking to them, especially when I get one on one time with each of them. I enjoy hanging out with my husband, especially when we have a whole day to go on an impromptu road-trip. And….I love time by myself! I love grocery shopping by myself, as crazy as it sounds. I like sitting in my living room late at night, writing or scrolling Facebook, or talking to my sister on the phone. There is freedom in a late night hour by myself.

There is Freedom in living in the great nation that we live in. Regardless of your political affiliation, we are a blessed nation. The freedoms we enjoy are rare. Freedom to pursue happiness. Freedom to worship as we wish to. Freedom to own property, to choose our career, to go to school, to choose our friends, to move to a new state or town. We are so blessed!

I have freedom in Christ! There is so much freedom in knowing I am loved, forgiven, and free. Even on the worst days, the hard days, the scary days, I have freedom in Jesus!

What does freedom mean to you? Are you mired in the mud, with no way out? Do you feel stuck? What freedoms do you wish for? What scary thing keeps you bound? Do you need to rethink where you are in life and where you want to be? There is freedom in change, and freedom in pursuing new direction. What’s stopping you? How can I help?

This next week will be interesting with three kids at camps or conferences and only two kids at home. My plan is to get some heavy duty de-cluttering done and paint the living room. Keep me honest, friends! I need the freedom de-cluttering and making things more beautiful will give me. My heart craves beauty and I have a whole season of Fixer Upper to watch for inspiration.

Join me this week and I’ll keep you updated on how the de-cluttering and re-imagining is going. Who knows, I might even take pictures to share! Happy Sunday, friends.

A Day in the Life…

For two days I have attempted to sit down and write a new blog post and for two days life has gotten in the way! So today, I thought I would just sit down and write a glimpse of what life as a writer with a large, busy family is like.

Yesterday morning started early with the dog needing to go out and apparently I was the only human who would wake up to do his bidding. Once finished with that little chore, I stumbled my way to the coffee pot to make the life-saving brown liquid. I tripped over the now awake elderly cat who was demanding she be fed POST HASTE! Within a few moments, two other felines were also demanding food and the dog was now indignant that he had not been fed first. And I still hadn’t started the coffee!

Once all animals had been catered to, I once again attempted to make coffee, only to find we were out of coffee filters. GAH! Digging in the cupboard I found some slightly flattened filters and returned to the task triumphantly.

Once the coffee began brewing (thank you Jesus for the coffee plant!) I gathered my things and took a nice, hot shower. As I got out of the shower I found that my seventeen year old daughter R was now up and getting ready for her out of state trip with several students from her school. By nine am we were out the door to drive forty-five minutes to the local airport for her first flight ever! Oh the excitement!

By ten-fifteen my traveler had been checked in at the airport and was heading through security with her group and I was making the drive home. I stopped to do some quick grocery shopping, since I am feeding a family who is perpetually hungry, and then made it home about eleven-thirty.

After unloading the groceries I sat for about ten minutes before leaving the youngest two in the care of their older brother and going to run errands for my father-in-law with the hubby. Did I mention my car AC needs charged? Ya’ll, it was hot and I have long, thick hair. I practically melted during the drive into town, but we were successful and got all the errands done in under three hours!

We did stop long enough to enjoy a Sierra Chicken Sandwich from Taco John’s because my husband is a big fan and it is only back for a LIMITED TIME! OH THE HORROR! Seriously, every time we are within a few miles of this restaurant he thinks we need to go. My love language is Acts of Service so…off we went to get him another Sierra Chicken Sandwich. I did get free Potato Ole’s so there is that!

Once back home I cleaned the litter box, washed up the dishes from the night before, and swept the kitchen and living room. The hubby started the grill and got the pork roast on for the long, slow process, and I sat down to work on the flyers for a non-profit that I volunteer for.

Shout out to DSquared4Homeless.org! They are working hard to support this under-serviced population in the founders hometown of Chandler, Arizona. They were looking for a writer to come on board to create flyers and possibly other things down the line. I volunteered and I am loving being a part of it all, even though I am 1700 miles away!

Several hours later I had been interrupted at least ten times by the kids, the hubby, escaped five-week old kittens, the dog and finally…..Facebook. BUT, I finished the darn flyer! Sent it off for approval via Google docs and realized I hadn’t started any side dishes for the pulled pork that was nearly finished!

I dug in the refrigerator and found the leftover baked beans, several zucchini and mushrooms that needed to be used. Threw the baked beans in microwave, sliced up the zucchini, a small onion and the mushrooms and sauteed them while husband left the pork to rest.

By eight-thirty we had eaten dinner, the boys were showering and then settled in to read. I cleaned up from dinner, fought with some modem issues, made my list of to-dos for today, and then collapsed to scroll through Facebook again on my phone since I couldn’t get my modem to talk to my computer. I did re-read the last chapter of my book and made some notes about the upcoming chapter, but I didn’t get any actual writing done. I promise I will get back to it tonight!

I am blessed, friends. I have been given the gift of time this summer. I have time to run errands. I have time to cook and clean and read and write and go have a Sierra Chicken Sandwich with my husband. I don’t always accomplish everything I want to do, and sometimes I get frustrated the expectations I put on myself, and my perceived failures. However, each new day gives me new opportunities, new grace, new experiences, new chances to do what God wants me to do. And I am so glad!

What are you doing with the time God gives you? Are you using it to make memories? Are you using it to bring God glory? Are you helping others? Time is precious, my friends. Use it wisely.

The Power of “Wait”…

Patience is not a virtue that comes to me naturally. I have always been the kind of woman that makes up her mind about something and then wants it to happen NOW. I don’t like waiting.

Some have called me impulsive, but that really isn’t the case. I am an idea person, a big picture girl, and a doer. If an idea comes to me I research, I pray, I weigh the pros and cons, I seek counsel. Then, once I have considered everything I put my positive attitude on and jump!

The last few days I have been seeing and hearing WAIT in many ways. Memes on Facebook. Bible verses that a friend shared. And tonight, would you believe the Chinese “learn this word” in my fortune cookie at dinner was “Wait”!? I nearly spit my iced tea out on my poor husband. Alrighty Lord, I’m listening.

I saw an Elizabeth Elliot quote today and it really impacted me. She said: “Pray for wisdom. Don’t make up your mind on the basis of what everybody (the world) says, or what “common sense” says. That can be dangerous. There are times when common sense really doesn’t have much to do with the will of God.”

Whoa. How often do we allow ourselves to step out from the safety of God’s will because it isn’t what other people think is best for us? Have you ever felt called and led to go in one direction yet you silently allowed yourself to get pulled into what someone else thinks you should do? Maybe you did it to “keep peace.” Maybe you were unsure if it was God calling you to something. Maybe you were like Jonah and just didn’t want to go or do what God was telling you to do? Oh man…truth hurts, doesn’t it?

The truth is, God is God. He sees what we don’t see. He knows what we need before we even think to ask. He holds today and tomorrow and all time in His hand. Sometimes He says MOVE and sometimes He says WAIT. Today, in my life, I believe He is telling me to wait. There is power in waiting on God to move.

What area of your life do you feel pulled in a direction that does not seem like “common sense”? Do you have a dream that you have put off again and again because it doesn’t seem practical, or maybe even possible? Friends, I promise you, if it is from God it is not only possible but He will provide in unimaginable ways! Pray, Listen, Wait or Move. His will is the absolute best place to be.

Oh How He Loves Us…

I cannot stop smiling, friends. This has been the kind of day that reaffirms God’s love for me and His wish to give us the desires of the heart. I just have to share, so bear with me please.

In the last four or so weeks we have been hit with wave after wave, battered by storms we did not see on the horizon. Job loss, electrical issues in our house, massive roof and water damage to my father-in-laws house, unending bug bites from relentless mosquitoes that inundate me the moment I step outside. The laptop stopped charging and then died altogether. Then my Instantpot that I relied on tremendously died and I really wanted to cry. Finally last week my husband’s beloved 2002 Chrysler Concorde LXi threw the timing belt and ruined the motor. With no savings to replace the Instantpot or the laptop, let alone a car we were at a loss as to how to proceed. It just seemed like so much all at once. If I hadn’t laughed, I would have cried.

And yet, I had peace, such peace! I prayed, and I left everything in His hands, knowing He had a plan and knowing He loves me. I borrowed a laptop to be able to keep writing my book, thankful I had google docs! I pulled out the ancient crockpot and used it instead. We began work on the electrical and my husband was able to fix it inexpensively without having to hire someone. We had a friend come look at the leaky roof and priced materials for much less than we expected, with an offer to help us put the new roof on when we were ready.

And today….Ya’ll! You will not believe it but my husband and I went to our local Goodwill just to spend a little time together and there was a beautiful, all parts included Instantpot for $15! I kid you not! I plugged it in and made hard-boiled eggs as soon as we got home just to see if it worked and they are perfect.

Then, walking around on cloud nine already so thankful to my Good Father, we spied a boxed air mattress on a high shelf for $10. But do you know what was IN that box? A Dell computer, Ya’ll. It’s older but I am typing happily on it to write this entry and it is FAST! So much better than my old one. Just needed to update Firefox and it is working perfectly.

I also stumbled on a 30% off sale at Stuff Etc today and got some nice things for the kids very inexpensively.

Do you doubt how much God LOVES US?! I am still so blown away by His faithfulness to us. Even in the midst of the storm, God loves us. Even when everything goes wrong, and we don’t see a way, God is already there and He knows the way. Oh how He loves us.

Peace in the Storm…

I’ve heard it said that sometimes a strange calm falls just before a storm hits. The wind dies down, the birds stop singing, the whole of nature holds their breath waiting to see what will happen. It isn’t restful, but rather expectant and fills us with dread.

I’ve experienced this strange calm in my own life, fearfully waiting with breath held as wave after wave of storms rolled over my life. When my Grandmother suffered from a heart attack, and subsequently a stroke I spent months praying and waiting for God to heal her, yet dreading what else may happen. He chose to heal her on His side of heaven instead of mine.

In my life I have had many storms, many heartaches, many losses. People I loved have died. I have lost a home I loved. Left my family and friends and moved cross country. It is hard! Following Jesus does not mean a perfect, stress free life. Following Jesus just means you are striving to walk in His footsteps, certain that His way is best.

These last four weeks have been difficult, but so good, too. A fundamental calm has risen inside me, the winds of change no longer scare me. I know who holds tomorrow. I know that when the storms come, and they will, He will be in the midst of them. There is peace to be found, a calm in the storms of life.

For He is with me. No matter what comes tomorrow, He is already there and He sees the things I cannot. I have such incredible peace tonight, though the day was stormy. My God Is ABLE! He can calm any storm I encounter.

Is there a storm raging with you in the midst? Do you have peace? Is your soul calm, or does your mind race with what-ifs, and maybes? Are you still trying to fix and control everything in your own power? Take a breath and REST in the knowledge that God is already there. There is calm to be found in the storm, all you need to do is trust and rest.

Psalms 27:1-2 The Lord is my light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the light of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell.

Psalms 27:13-14 I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage. He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say on the Lord!

Abounding joy.

This week has been a study of growing in patience and losing self-doubt. On Monday night as I began to write my previous entry I was struggling. As I wrote, my eyes began to focus less on ME and more on HIM. What joy!

As I put off the doubt and focused on Jesus, my heart swelled. It isn’t that life is suddenly perfect, or even better than it was earlier this week. It is that my perspective had changed. God does not need ME for His plan to go forward, just my obedience to Him and willingness to give Him time to work.

Last night I sat down and wrote without being interrupted for two whole glorious hours! I edited the last chapter that I had written for my book and added another. I was exhausted, stayed up way too late, but I was so HAPPY when I shut down the computer for the night. Oh the joy we encounter when we allow ourselves to step securely in the middle of His will.

Writing brings me joy, being with family full-time these last few weeks has brought me joy, the knowledge of Jesus and His saving grace gives me JOY. Have my circumstances changed? Nope. Still unemployed, still trying to rework the budget, still need to put a new roof on my father-in-laws house, but I am following God’s direction for my life and there is great joy in it.

What brings you joy? Have you lost your joy? Do you need to stop and look at where you are in life and reconsider if you need to redirect your steps? I pray you do. Joy abounds, friends! Put your focus back where it belongs, on Him, and find joy.

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